4 [Easy-To-Fix] Reasons Your Amazon Product Isn’t Selling

You might think that you’ve done everything right. Sourced the perfect item, got nice pictures, spent days writing an eloquent description… but alas, no sales!

Sometimes it’s hard to see our own mistakes. So, if your product is stuck in the starting gate, it could be because of 4 common – but easy to fix – errors.

Nobody is born a success.

When I first started selling on Amazon, I was pretty clueless. I made every one of the following errors and then some.

But making the mistakes, and learning from them, meant I never made them again.

Luckily for you, you’ve got awesome resources like this to stop you from making the schoolgirl errors I did!

So, let’s get down to business. If your product isn’t selling, make sure you’re not making any of these common mistakes…

1. Not enough reviews

Don’t think reviews are important?

91% of browsers check out your product’s reviews, and 81% put as much trust in stranger’s opinions as they would a close friend.

Plus, the more 4 or 5-star reviews you have, the more visible you’ll be on searches. Amazon wants its customers to be happy and they’ll actively point potential buyers to products that they perceive to be the best – they use reviews to do this.

So, if having few/poor reviews is a problem for you, make getting those 5 stars a TOP priority. Check out some of my other articles on tips on how to do this.

2. You’ve no ‘lifestyle’ images

Lifestyle images are those where you see your product being featured or used by actual people – your target audience.

It’s usually your most important picture as it’s the one that stops browsers and forces them to imagine themselves happily using your product.

Lifestyle pictures are powerful because they evoke emotion, and THAT’s what will sell your product. No hundreds of features, not a fancy brand name etc.

If you haven’t got a lifestyle image, get one ASAP.

3. Your title is too competitive

Let’s say you’re selling multivitamin capsules. If your title is based around a keyword like ‘multivitamin’ or ‘multivitamin supplement’, you can expect a ludicrous amount of competition.

Your product won’t stand a chance against the giants of the category unless you try to rank for something more niche. For example, something like ‘high strength vitamin D3’ or ‘multivitamin chewable vegan’ would be much less competitive.

4. Your branding is too distracting

Bit of a specific one but I see it happening a lot.

When you have a product you’re excited about, it’s easy to get carried away with the branding, product design, packaging etc.

These things are important – but you need to remember that your customer doesn’t care about these things. They have a problem or need and want a product that satisfies it.

Keep your branding relevant to your target audience and don’t let it overshadow the benefits of the product.

If your product isn’t selling as well as you hoped, then these are 4 mistakes that you could be making.

Of course, there are many other pitfalls that are easy to fall into, but hopefully, now you can jump over a few!

Thanks for reading guys and gals. Good luck out there!

Hugs and kisses!

Stacey xxx

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