4 Reasons Why Your Amazon Listing Isn’t Selling

The most frustrating thing about selling on Amazon is when your product isn’t selling well and you don’t know why. You think you’ve nailed the title, the description and photos and still… no sales.

Oh, I’ve been there. And I’m glad. It taught me some valuable lessons that I’m going to share with you in this article.

I’m going to talk you through 4 reasons why your Amazon listing isn’t working and to illustrate, I’m going to break down a real-life listing: What it’s doing wrong and how I’d improve it.

Here’s a listing from a reader of this blog, Julie. She reached out to me because she’s not getting the kind of sales she wants. Let’s try and help her!

What do you think? 

First of all, I really like this idea for a product. It’s cute and has real potential to sell. So what’s wrong with it?

Reason 1: It’s not optimised to a target market.

I’m not keen on the title. It’s just not readable. Julie has done what many newbie Amazon sellers do, she’s tried to shove as many keywords into her title as possible.

To optimise the title and the listing in general, we need to ask, who is the product aimed at? A product is never aimed at everyone. Could you imagine a grizzly biker having these on their luggage? I couldn’t.

There’s always a perfect customer for your product. I’d say looking at this you want to be targeting mums or young girls, probably aged between say 7 and 13. Keeping your ideal customer in mind while creating your listing is the best place to start.

Now, I’d be amazed if lots of people are searching for ‘emoji travel luggage tags’. If I was selling this I would target people searching for ‘suitcases for kids’ as these tags would make a perfect add-on product. I’d run a sponsored product listing to be shown when people are looking at kid’s suitcases. After you start making sales this way, the tags will appear in the ‘frequently bought together’ section in the suitcase’s listing. This tells viewers that people buying the suitcase often buy these tags too. 

I can assure you sales will rocket when that happens.

Reason 2: The price is too high

Back to the listing. Look at the price. I don’t know about you but I think $18+ delivery for four luggage tags is too steep. Personally, I wouldn’t pay more than $10 for these. I don’t know what the tags are costing Julie so that needs to be considered, but on first impressions, 18 bucks is a tough sell. 

Reason 3: The product description is lacking.

This is pretty minimal and there’s much more she could add. Julie is missing a great opportunity to squeeze in more search terms and optimise the listing for better results. As opposed to the title, keywords here won’t look out of place and render it unreadable. 

Reason 4: It needs a couple more photos

Let’s look at another crucial part of the listing, the photos.

Do you see a glaring omission in these 4 photos? Yes. There are no pictures of the tags actually on a suitcase. It’s a fact that people like to see the product in use. So a picture or two of it attached to a piece of luggage, maybe with a young girl pulling it, would be a great addition to the gallery. In most cases, Amazon lets you have 7 images, so there’s room for a couple more.

So even though this listing needs a bit of work, I love the product and I think it has real potential to sell. Hopefully, you can take some pointers from this that you can apply to your listing and get those sales rolling in.

Catch you later!

Hugs Stacey

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