5 Weird Methods For Success On Amazon (And In Every Area Of Your Life)

I’ve written posts about the practical things you must do to become a successful Amazon seller, e.g., find a great product etc.

This list isn’t one of those.

If you’re killing it in one area of your life, you’re likely to be doing well in others too. So, these are weird and wonderful ways you can attract an abundance of success in your business and life.

I’m an avid consumer of self-help books, Ted Talks, YouTube videos, and advice from others way more successful than me. And it’s given me some key insights into what it takes to have a flourishing business – and life in general.

Time is a-wastin’, so let’s dive into my top 5 weird methods for success on Amazon and beyond!

  1. Write down 5 ideas every day

These could be ideas for products, niches, businesses, anything! When you start, you might find it hard to come up with five, but after a while, it’ll get easier and you’ll have ideas pouring out of you.

They don’t have to be amazing, write down anything that comes to you. The exercise is about building your idea muscle so that one day you’ll produce something that you can work with and maybe change your life!

  1. Every day, do something that challenges you 

“When you go out of your comfort zone and it works, there’s nothing more satisfying.”

  • Kristen Wiig

One of the main reasons people never start a business or take their business to the next level is that it requires them to go out of their comfort zone.

I know, it’s not easy. But, if you think about any successful person ever, once they had to do something that terrified the poop out of them – and probably repeatedly until they got where they are today.

By doing something every day that challenges you, you’re once again building a muscle and telling yourself, “You got this!”

Your comfort zone gets bigger and things seem less difficult.

And it doesn’t have to be Amazon or business-related. It could be having a difficult conversation with someone, taking a public speaking course, or asking that cute guy that you see every day in the coffee shop for their number (purely hypothetical of course…)

  1. Lower your expectations

Although it sounds kinda negative, lowering your expectations can be incredibly liberating.

If you start on Amazon with the assumption that you’re going to make a million dollars in your first year, then you’re going to feel disheartened when you inevitably fail to reach such a lofty goal – and likely never go near Amazon again.

Now, if you drop such an expectation and say to yourself, “Whatever happens, I’m okay with it. If it makes any money then great, but either way, I’m learning how to play the game,” you’ll feel much more positive about your business, make better decisions and be more likely stick with it until you DO make some real money.

  1. Surround yourself with awesome people

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

  • Jim Rohn

Something special happens when you’re around like-minded, positive people who are on similar journeys to your own.

The Amazon community I’m part of has been integral to any success I’ve achieved in my business. Every member is at different stages of their Amazon journey and everyone helps one another. It’s a positive, open group where we ask questions and get solid, friendly advice from others who have been there before. 

Oh, and helping others feels amazing too.

  1. Laugh more!


My children are always laughing – at everything! For some reason, we lose this amazing skill as we get older and life becomes more serious.

And we shouldn’t!

Laughing not only helps us live longer and burns calories, but it also changes the way we look at the world and allows us to see the absurdity in life.

By laughing more, you’ll build the muscle (once again!) and life will just feel easier.

Now, we all have different things that make us giggle. Pop on your favourite sitcom or stand-up comedian, chat to that one friend who always tells hilarious stories, or watch people doing dumb things on YouTube or TikTok.

There you go guys and gals, my top 5 weird methods for success on Amazon and beyond. I’d love to hear yours! 

Virtual hugs and kisses!!

Stacey xxx

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