7 Easy Tips To Make More Money On Amazon In 2021

Everybody loves some quick and dirty tips so I thought I’d give you 7 things you can do today to strap a rocket to your Amazon business in 2021.

None of these 7 tips requires you to spend heaps of money but, if all goes well, should see more lovely sales roll in.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Set up a Google Alert for your business

Setting up a Google Alert is dead-easy and allows you to see if your product has been mentioned anywhere on the web. You can find out who’s using your product and what they’re saying about it – the alerts will also tell you if your product has been hijacked and is being sold elsewhere.

Valuable knowledge indeed.

To set up an alert for your product, just head to Google Alerts and enter your product’s ASIN in the search box. It’s a good idea to set up an alert for your brand name too.

2. Look for ways to reduce packaging fees

Most folk just accept the packaging charges given by Amazon, but by being a little creative, it’s possible to decrease these and add more to your bottom line.

For example, based on the dimensions of one of my items, Amazon was charging me $5.75 in packaging fees for a $15 product that was folded in half and delivered in a polybag. I contacted the manufacturer and asked them to start packing it flat – so it can be fit into an envelope – for $1.85 less. That meant I made 11% extra profit per sale from a single, tiny hack!

Your packaging costs can make or break the profitability of your product. So, spend some time thinking about how you could pack your item more efficiently to make more money per sale  – and get a win over your competitors who’ve got their packaging wrong!

3. Use SimilarWeb

If you’ve never used SimilarWeb, you’re missing out! It’s an excellent, free tool that allows you to find out how many visitors a site like Amazon.com.au gets, its global and country rank, and much more.

But what we’re interested in is Referrals. Here you can see which sites are sending traffic to Amazon – and potentially your product.

If you’re not featuring your item on OzBargains, this data tells you that you should be!

OzBargains is free to join but you must offer a coupon code. So, it’s perfect for launching your product on Amazon or for big sales like Black Friday and Prime Day.

4. Level up your lifestyle pictures

Lifestyle product pictures are those where you see the item in use or in its typical place. When done right, they’ll serve you very well.

Some of my Amazon-seller friends have gone as far as visiting a display home village with their product and a good camera  – or renting an Airbnb for a night for the purpose of getting some beautiful photos in attractive surroundings.

Depending on your niche, this could be an excellent way to boost your listing and really set yourself apart from the humdrum.

5. Use FBA Toolkit to help you decide how much stock to order

FBAToolkit.com is another free resource that all of us Amazon sellers should be using. Of its 3 main features, the one we’re most interested in is where you enter the Sales Rank of a product and it tells you how many units are sold per day.

When you’re starting out especially, it can be incredibly difficult to know how much stock to order. But if you find out how many units your competitors are selling each day, you can get a solid idea of how much of your items you’ll need to have around.

Add it to your bookmarks!

6. Consider selling oversized products

Yes. The general rule of selling on Amazon is to sell small, easy to ship items. But with most sellers shying away from big items, it leaves a nice opportunity for you.

So think, rabbit hutches, trampolines, etc… there’s heaps of demand for these products but relatively few sellers.

Something to consider!

7. Set up a cheap, automated Amazon PPC campaign

This is great for those on a budget. By setting up an automated PPC campaign you can make some inexpensive sales and discover heaps of keywords.

To get the best out of this, bid super low for a click – I’ll typically bid 11 cents per click and set a daily budget of $20. Now, I’ve never spent $20, it’s usually around $10, and because my click cost is so low, my advertising cost of sale is ludicrously good.

That’s your lot for today guys and gals! I hope one or more of these tips makes you a few extra dollars in 2021 😉

Hugs and kisses!

Stacey xxx

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