7 TikTok Marketing Secrets For Amazon FBA

Move over, Facebook and Instagram… the short video app TikTok is now keeping 689 million monthly users glued to their phones.

So, how can we Amazon sellers jump on the bandwagon and effectively market our products on this popular platform?

TikTok showed up on most people’s radar during the 2020 pandemic when its viral dances and songs found their way to our phones even if we didn’t have the app.

Remember the skateboarding guy singing Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ while sipping cranberry juice? That was TikTok.

And you might be fooled into thinking that TikTok is just for kids. This isn’t the case. As the platform’s popularity continues to boom, people of all ages and from varying demographics are using the app.

That should get you, as an Amazon seller and marketing guru, very interested.

Why should I market my product on TikTok?

TikTok is still a new platform and unlike Facebook and Instagram, it hasn’t yet become so oversaturated with ads that users are mostly blind to them.

Building an audience and getting views can be much easier on TikTok than on other platforms like YouTube – it’s not unusual for a video to get upwards of 150k views in a month.

Depending on your niche and target demographic, investing in some engaging TikTok content could further connect you to your audience and do wonders for your Amazon business. 

But, before you start, make sure you know these 7 TikTok marketing secrets!

1. Don’t just sell on TikTok, be an active user

If you think you can successfully market your product on TikTok without having a handle on how the platform works, think again.

You need to get involved, absorb content and be the first to know what’s trending so you can create videos people will actually want to watch.

2. Not all products will succeed on TikTok

The best products to sell on TikTok will be ones you can show off their features in an entertaining 60 secs video. From my experience, I’ve seen home workout equipment, DIY sauce kits, and more smallish things you can demonstrate with your hands do very well.

Also, think about the typical user on TikTok. The average TikToker is a young woman, maybe in their teens or early twenties – so think sparkly bath bombs rather than screwdriver sets.

3. Create trending, engaging content

If you’re regularly using TikTok, you’ll get to know the trends as they begin to explode. You can then incorporate these into your videos to get more eyes on your products.

Trends can be anything from a certain sound or song to a filter.

4. Make content every day

The TikTok algorithm LOVES small creators who post every day. Do so and they’ll help you get more eyes on your videos.

5. Post at the right time

This might require a little trial and error but timing can make or break your viral potential.

One Amazon seller who markets on TikTok claims she gets more views when she posts at 7:00am – people are just waking up and checking their phones.

Find different times before settling on one that works best for your demographic and niche.

6. Make it entertaining

At the end of the day, TikTok is an app people use for entertainment, not to have products shoved down their throat.

Add value to your videos with jokes, music, trends, that people will want to watch over again and share with their friends. 

7. It’s all about engagement

To develop your brand and build your audience on TikTok, you’ll need lots of engagement. In the beginning, this will mean getting your friends and family to like and comment on your videos until you have a loyal army of followers to do it for you!

I hope my TikTok marketing secrets have got you thinking of how you can use this exciting platform to boost your Amazon business. 

Do you use TikTok? Do you have any tips that I’ve missed? Let me know!

Hugs and kisses!

Stacey xx

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