Amazon Brand Names – How to Get It Right 1st Time

The name you give your Amazon store will become your brand. Amazon sellers put a lot of time into deciding the perfect moniker and rightly so; it will become the name that your customers associate with your products and service. You want it to be memorable yet representative of what you offer.

Choosing the perfect brand name isn’t easy, in this article I’m going to give you something important to think about before you christen your new business.

First thing you need to think about is: should you tailor your name around a specific product range or leave it open-ended and ambiguous? Some people have a clear idea from the start whereas others aren’t sure. 

You need to sit down and think about your strategy for your business.

If you plan to build and eventually sell your Amazon store, then it’s a good idea to stick to a specific product range and grow your brand within that niche. Having a store name connected to the category or niche you’re going after is a super-smart move.

Let’s take the niche ‘hiking’ as an example, maybe you sell boots, coats, hiking poles etc. It would be a great idea to model your brand name around a keyword from this niche, e.g., hiking, mountain, outdoors etc. It fits with what you sell and gives your store authority in that niche, and that, in turn, looks very attractive to buyers.

Now if your strategy isn’t to sell but to steadily grow your business and give you an ongoing income, flexibility is key. Markets change over time and you want to be able to take your business in different directions as and when required. So, choosing a more general and ambiguous name is a good call.

Typically when you build a business with the intention to sell, you’re in and out in 3 years or less. 3 years isn’t enough time to see the market change substantially. Now, if you’re looking to stay in business for the long run, maybe 5 years plus, markets can change drastically (are people still buying fidget spinners?)

If the latter is your strategy, then you want a brand name that allows you to roll with the market, giving you the flexibility to jump on new product opportunities when they come, regardless of their category.

What if you haven’t decided on the path of your business? 

You might be thinking, I don’t want to commit to one strategy yet, I want a name that allows me to do both if I wish. That’s fair enough, Amazon allows you to change your store name whenever you like. 

But remember, your brand name represents your values as a seller, and with so many sellers on Amazon, it’s crucial to build a brand that portrays trust and reliability while setting you apart from the herd. This takes time.

So my takeaway for this article is to think about where you want your business to ultimately go, then you can start brainstorming some cool store names.

Hugs Stacey

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