Amazon Product Launch Strategy. What’s the Best Marketplace to Start in?

This is a GREAT question and one I’ve been meaning to address for a while. 

Like many others starting their Amazon FBA journey, I imagined myself selling globally, to every Amazon market. And why not? I thought. A bigger audience means more customers, right?

I found It’s not as simple as that.

It takes a lot more work and know-how to sell internationally – to markets you know little about. When you’re relatively new to selling on Amazon, you’ve got to start small and work up. 

I’m going to pass on to you the advice I was given, 

Launch your product in one marketplace first. Once you’ve got everything running smoothly THEN branch out to other markets.

So instead of launching my first product (a baby’s bath toy) on Amazon Australia, Amazon USA and Amazon UK, I decided to start small and target my local Amazon Australia. 

I know for a fact if I were to have launched on all three market places from the start I would have been overwhelmed, and as a mother of two boys, I don’t need any more ‘whelm’!

I know it’s tempting to go after the big ‘ole USA market first, but I recommend launching in your home marketplace. In my case,, but if you were from India I’d suggest You get the idea.

Why your home market?

Simply put, it’s easier. 

For me, I can relate to the Australian market much better than others. I feel I know what an Australian mum would typically search for, the language they’d use etc. 

There are other arguments for selling primarily in your home country. For example, time-zones. You can get problems sorted out much faster when you’re awake at the same time as your customers.

Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey

I know the Australian market is a lot smaller than others- it’s pretty new. But it’s a fantastic place to cut your teeth and learn your craft before venturing out into the big wide world.

Your first product launch probably isn’t going to go perfectly. Your motivation will come and go. Starting too big may dishearten you and put you off the whole business before you’ve had a chance to get going. 

Don’t let that happen. Start small and work up. Think of a snowball rolling down a hill, picking up speed and mass. (not something you see every day in Syndey, granted!) Take that momentum with you as you eventually branch out to other marketplaces.

I was never a good cook. Sadly, after researching the cost of a personal chef, I realised I was going to have to learn. I didn’t start off making a 3-course meal for a dinner party. God no. I started with nice-and-simple pasta dishes and worked up to more adventurous creations.

(Not my actual cooking)

Note: I still can’t really cook, but it’s a good analogy nonetheless.

I hope you guys take something from this article. Check out the others to read more about my Amazon FBA journey.

Hugs Stacey

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