An Easy Way To Sell Australian-Made Products Overseas

Now is an awesome time to be a seller of Australian-made goods – the worldwide credibility of our brands has never been stronger.

So, here’s a simple way that you can leverage our country’s reputation to sell more products globally!

In recent years, the Aussie government has done a great job of promoting a specific image of Australia to the rest of the world – sporty, clean-living, natural, outdoorsy, environmentally-conscious etc. 

Now that the USA and other countries have this kind of positive image of us, it allows home-grown manufacturers and retailers the opportunity to capitalize on this and sell heaps of products abroad.

So, as an Aussie Amazon entrepreneur selling in other marketplaces, where should you start?

1. Go to

The official site of the Australian Made campaign is the best place to find awesome Aussie-made products and local manufacturers. 

What’s more, all products sold here carry the Australian Made logo – a globally recognized symbol of genuine, Australian craftsmanship.

And free, effective branding for you!

2. Find a product that leverages Australia’s image

We know the world sees Australians as healthy, natural and environmentally conscious, so one idea would be organic skincare products – perhaps with homegrown eucalyptus and tea tree oil. You get the idea.

Think about the marketplace that you want to sell in, how do they see Australia? What can’t they find in their country?

3. Approach an Australian supplier and offer to take them global

Once you’ve found a cool Australian product that’s going to give you a competitive edge abroad, it’s time to do some business!

Tell the manufacturer how much you love what they do and offer to sell their products in the USA (or Europe, or Mexico, etc.) If they’re keen, you can set up a wholesale agreement with them to sell the goods in your stores and platforms.

So, not only will you build fantastic relationships with Australian companies, but you’ll also be boosting the Aussie economy, and of course, you’ll be making lots of money too.

I told you it was easy! 

The biggest step is researching the best products for the country you sell in. Look at what’s there already and find where the Australian brand will have a competitive edge.

Thanks for reading guys and gals. If you’d like to learn more about selling on Amazon in Australia, check out my other articles. 

Hugs and kiss!

Stacey xxx

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