Are These Common Mistakes Keeping Your Amazon Product Off Page One?

Page One is the place to be – more exposure, more sales. But there are things you might be doing wrong that could be ruining your chances of being in the top spot.

Let’s face it… when we’re searching for information or a product, we rarely browse past the first page. So, as a successful Amazon seller, we need to make sure we’re doing all we can to get ourselves on page one – and as high up as possible.

Through LOTS of trial and error on my path towards Amazon success I’ve noted 3 common mistakes I see sellers making that are keeping them off page-o uno. 

The good news is that they’re all easily fixable.

  1. Targeting a search term that’s too broad

The broader your search term, the more competition you’ll have. You need to think about what makes your product different from all the others that show up and include it in your search term.

For example, say you’re selling a yoga mat. The search term ‘YOGA MAT’ will yield heaps of results and it would be extremely difficult to rank on page one. 

Now if you thought about what makes your yoga mat different from the others and niched down on your search terms, you’d be much more likely to be front-page news. 

So instead target something like, ‘ECO FRIENDLY YOGA MAT’, ‘EXTRA THICK YOGA MAT’ or ‘YOGA MAT FOR MEN’.

  1. Poor use of images

It’s easy to collect a bunch of stock photos, stick them on and hope for the best – but if you want to rank higher, you need to do more than that.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Choose your hero image carefully. Pick your best picture that stands out from the other listings. 
  • Make sure you include pictures of your product in use – if it’s a pillow, show someone lying on it etc. Pictures like these have been proven to perform better than more abstract images. 
  • Add text to images to explain features and benefits. See your images as another chance to convince the browser that this is the product for them.
  1. ‘Fluffy’ product titles

Your product title – like your hero image and maybe price – is the difference between someone clicking your listing or scrolling on.

It’s prime real estate to describe your product and give your audience information they need to know – the brand, the features and benefits, the size and colour etc.

A common mistake is filling your product titles with meaningless buzz words like ‘BESTSELLER’, ‘NO. 1’, ‘STYLISH’ etc. Instead of impressing your audience, they’re more likely to turn them off.

Choose words that your customer actually uses and give them valuable information about your product. 

Amazon selling is very much trial and error. But if you work to avoid these three common mistakes, you’ll really boost your chances of getting that coveted number one spot.

Good luck everyone!

Virtual hugs and kisses.

Stacey xx 

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