Beginners Guide to Amazon Australia Seller Central Set Up

An Easy Guide To Setting Up An Amazon Seller Account in Australia 2020

You’ve found an amazing product that you know the world is going to LOVE. Your next step is to create your first Amazon seller account so you can tell everyone that you’re open for business!

Luckily, opening a seller account is a simple process and I’m going to break it down into 7 steps. But first, make sure you have the following things ready – you’re going to need them soon!

  • A business name, address and contact information – If you don’t have a brand or business, simply use your personal name and home address.
  • A credit card – Has to be Amex, Visa or Mastercard. This is to pay for your subscription.
  • A mobile phone number and phone at hand

Step #1 Head over to

Just because you have an Amazon account doesn’t mean you can sell things – you have to create a seller account too. 

I’m referring to the Australian Amazon because that’s the one I use but the process should be the same regardless of your country.

Step #2 Click Start Selling and fill out your login details. 

If you don’t have an account, you can create one here.

Step #3 Enter the name of your business and agree to Amazon’s terms of service 

If you don’t have a legal business entity, you can just use your own name. If you’re registering as a business, enter your business’ registered name and your full name, e.g., The Soap Company – Joe Bloggs 

Tick the seller agreement and click Next.

Step #4 Tell Amazon about your business

Your unique business name is different from your legal name as it’s what’s displayed on your seller profile and your listings. Don’t worry about coming up with something catchy now, you can change it at any time – but it MUST be unique.

Double-check your mobile number is correct as Amazon will text you a verification code immediately. 

We’ve nearly finished!

Step #5 Set up your billing method

Enter the details of a credit card with which you want to pay for your subscription. Remember, it has to be Amex, Visa or Mastercard.

Step #6 Tell Amazon about your products

You can skip this part if you’re not sure, but Amazon wants to know a few things about the products you plan to sell.

Step #7 You’re set! 

Once Amazon has verified your account you can start selling. Woohoo!

Setting up a seller’s account is easy, but of course, turning your business into a roaring success takes a bit more work.

Unfortunately, thousands of people set up seller accounts and do nothing with them – don’t be one of them! 

Read more of my articles and learn how to make your Amazon business thrive… believe me, if I did it, ANYONE can!

Thanks for reading!

Stacey xxxxx

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