Best Way To Link From Your Ad To Your Amazon Product Page

A common question I get asked is, “Stacey, what’s the best way to link from my paid advertisements to my Amazon listing page?” 

So today, I’m going to show you the two BEST linking strategies I’ve found – through heaps of trial and error!

So, you’ve created an awesome product page. Beautiful, clear images, a well-written description and a killer title… Now, you just need to lead people there!

How you link from your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. can not only influence your sales but also your ranking. That’s why it’s important you choose the best linking strategy for you.

I’m going to talk you through my two preferred methods.

Method 1: The standard method (For Google Adwords only)

This URL is basic but it works incredibly well on Google. So, if you’re running Google Adwords, I highly recommend you use this method:

[] / [dp] / [Your product’s ASIN]

It should look like this: 

Yes, it’s not sophisticated but it really gets the job done on Google.

Method 2: Two-Step URL (For boosting search ranking)

A two-step URL is kind of a hybrid link in that it has a search term embedded into the link. Thus, it can effectively lead customers to your product from an ad while boosting your search ranking at the same time.

Neat, huh?

What does a two-step URL look like?

A two-step URL is so-called because it contains both your product’s search term and your storefront ID. For example:

Here, ‘sports water bottle’ is your search term and A1EGLQB5CUJMI7 is your store ID.

As opposed to the previous linking strategy, this link won’t take you directly to the product page but rather a sort of landing page – where there may be more than one of your products with the same keyword.

This method is useful because it ‘tricks’ Amazon into thinking somebody has searched for your keyword, chosen your product and purchased it, rather than clicking a direct link – helping you boost your search ranking!

The downside is that it can be a little confusing to customers who have another step before they buy the product.

How do you create a two-step URL?

On your product page, click on your store name where it says ‘Sold by’…

Then, click on your storefront…

From here, you want to enter your targeted search term and hit search…

Then ta-daaa, you’ll see your two-step URL!

I hope that helps somebody out there 🙂

Happy linking!

Stacey xxx

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