In my own Amazon FBA Australia journey i’ve worked my way through heaps of tools to help me, some have been great others not so great. So I thought I’d make a handy list of the tools I use.

Please note, I have NOT included an affiliate link, so if you do decide to use these tools then I do not get paid.

Why have I done this?

Simple, when I was just starting out I got sucked in by folks who had set up sites specifically to promote the products they “recommended” in exchange for an kick back.

As far as I’m concerned that makes the person reviewing it far more inclined to give a positive impression. So it’s very unlikely you’re getting the whole truth.

I’m not getting any kickbacks and so you can trust that my reviews are 100% unbiased it’s just my experiences.

Finding The Best Product To Sell On Amazon Australia

When it comes to finding a great product to sell on Amazon I’ve tried heaps of tools, some work better than others so let me give you my top 5 in no particular order, again i’ll link to the product but it’s not an affiliate link, no bias here!!

Jungle Scout – I think it’s fair to say this is the gold standard as far as researching products to sell on Amazon USA goes, however at time of writing they don’t support the Australian market (BOOO!!) so it’s about as useful as a chocolate fireguard if you want to sell in Oz.

egrow – for the money it’s pretty hard to beat egrow, I found their software a little confusing to begin with but they have an excellent support team that were very helpful.

Merchantwords – supports Australia and has been very good at adding new features to their software, it’s very good at working out how many people search for a particular keyword and again the team are very helpful and supportive. Pro tip you an good merchant word coupon code and you’ll find a few ways to save money 😀

Helium 10 – has LOTS of bells and whistles! It does so much it can be kinda overwhelming and it is the most expensive of the lot, for a beginner I think it’s overkill but as you start selling on Amazon it’s got some great tools to help you.

Viral Launch – Again does a LOT of stuff! I prefer viral launch to helium 10 only because I personally find it easier to use, they offer a free trail (most of the software’s do) so I’d get that and take a look.

How To Find The Best Product To Sell On Amazon – So there you go, that’s my top 5. if you google around a bit you’ll find coupon codes for all of them 😉

I would sign up for their free account first and have a sticky beak at the software and see how it works for you. They all pretty much do the same thing so really it’s going to come down to personal preference at the end of the day.

Where To Source Your Amazon Australia Products From

Best Amazon FBA Prep Companies For Amazon Australia

OK once you figure out what to sell and where to source it from you’ll want to get your product prepped to get it into Amazon’s FBA warehouses. Right now, as I write this Amazon FBA guide for you Amazon Australia does not offer any prep services such as applying your FNSKU label to your