How Fast Is Amazon Australia Growing? (2020)

Since Amazon launched in Australia in 2017, it’s gone from strength to strength – and 2020 has been a bumper year for the retail giant.

But just how much did Amazon grow over the craziest year ever? Is it now the biggest retailer in Australia?

With the help of SimilarWeb, we can check the recent stats for and compare them with other sites if we wish.

So, once we search for, we get this screen:

On the right, we can see the total number of visits for November 2020, 44.73m. Now, this doesn’t mean individual visitors – there are only 25 and a half million people in Australia! Rather, it states that 44.73m people went to Amazon in November with an eye to spend some cash.

Pretty cool, huh?

It gets better, let’s look at the growth. Back in June 2020, had just over 30m visits – that’s nearly 50% growth over six months!

SimilarWeb also allows us to see how long the average person spends on Amazon per session (4m 53secs) and how many pages they browse (6.81).

How does Amazon compare with its biggest rival?

It comes as no surprise to learn that 2020 was a huge year for e-commerce, but did Amazon Australia beat its long-standing rival, eBay?

If you click on the Compare button, we can see how Amazon faired against during this period. 

Although Amazon is the World’s number one e-commerce site, eBay is still the favourite in Australia. But, Amazon is growing much faster…

In November, eBay Australia received 84.24m visits – nearly double that of Amazon. But, it’s six-month growth was 15.5%, much smaller than Amazon’s impressive 50%.

This is further proof that Amazon Australia is nipping at eBay’s heels.

Why has Amazon grown so much in 2020?

2020 saw a huge shift in shopping behaviour all over the world, not just in Australia. With non-essential stores closed due to the pandemic, people who usually frequented brick and mortar shops were forced to buy online. Experts believe that these changes have created new shopping habits for millions of people.

Plus, with Australians spending much more time at home, there was a surge in sales of games, hobbies and crafts, fitness products, as well as essentials like soap, and of course, THE product of 2020 – toilet paper.

We shouldn’t worry about the growth slowing down now that 2020 has ended  – the stats indicate that this growth should continue well beyond this fateful year.

As Amazon sellers in Australia, this rapid growth is music to our ears. It shows that the demand is rising and – compared with and other markets – there’s still relatively less competition.

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