How To Become Brand Registered Fast On

Having a trademark and being a registered brand is something all business owners should consider – even if you just sell on Amazon!

Now, here’s a ‘brand’ new service that allows you to get brand registry before you’ve even received your trademark. 

What are you waiting for?

One of the reasons that the brand registry process takes a while, is that you have to wait until you receive your trademark before you can apply.

That is to say, used to.

Amazon has added a new service to its brand registry program called pending trademark request* which allows you to apply for brand registry with just an application number for your trademark – in lieu of the trademark itself. 

This speeds things up massively!

*Currently, this is a pilot program only available to sellers in the USA and India.

How to get brand registered in the same week that you apply for your trademark

  1. Apply for a US or India trademark
  2. Copy the trademark application number (serial number) that you are given
  3. Use it to fill out the form here  👉

 And that’s it!

Why should you get brand registered?

We’ve discussed this a few times before on the blog but it’s always good to review.

Being brand registered matters more and more now. There was a time when I advised new sellers to not bother with a trademark – but today, I believe that not having one puts you at a great disadvantage.

Firstly, it offers protection. By having a trademark and being brand registered, the products you sell will be much more protected from trademark infringement and other sellers hijacking your listings.

Without it, it’s much harder to kick these naughty sellers off your listings.

The second big advantage to brand registry is a service called Transparency

This is a cool feature that lets you put a little sticker on all of your products. If someone comes along and hijacks your listing and doesn’t have the sticker on the product, Amazon won’t allow them to make sales. Simple as that.

Another huge advantage to being brand registered is that you get access to far more advanced search reports.

Helium 10, Jungle Scout et al. are great tools but they work on educated guesses rather than real data. When you’re brand registered, Amazon will give you access to actual search volumes –  so you can make better decisions.

There are many more advantages of being brand registered including, more advertising tools and early access to Beta programs.

Although you don’t need a trademark to sell on Amazon, it’s totally worth it in my opinion – and with the new pending trademark request, you can get brand registered faster than ever before!

Thanks for reading guy and gals! I hope you got something from this.

Virtual hugs and kisses!

Stacey xxx

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