How to Choose the Right Product for Amazon Success

I used to sell dog shoes. Yes, little shoes for dogs. 

People bought them to protect their dog’s feet from hot sidewalks. I sell on and as you can probably guess they didn’t sell at all well in states like Alaska – but in Arizona and New Mexico, they sold like hotcakes. Pun intended.

This is called hyper-localization – the dog shoes were hyper-localized to certain places – hot ones. Although hyper-localization is a buzzword in marketing, it boils down to thorough market research and well-targeted products. 

Similarly, we are working with a company in Switzerland to launch a new brand on Amazon. It’s in the early stages and we’re very excited about it. The first thing we did was research where our brand would do well – we decided the USA, Australia, UK and France. We’ll be targeting these places in particular because that’s where our research tells us there is demand. 

First thing I do when launching a new product or brand is to ask myself these questions: 

What’s my product? E.g., Dog shoes

Who is my customer? Dog owners

Why would they buy it? To protect their dog’s paws from the hot ground.

Where is my customer? Places where they have hot ground. Arizona, New Mexico, Texas…

Put together a decent profile of this guy or gal. Once you figure out who they are, you can find them online and put your product in front of them.

I hope this gives you guys something to think about next time you choose a product to sell.

Hugs Stacey

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