How To Optimise ALL Your Amazon Images For Maximum Sales

I’m always talking about it so you already know the importance of a great main image for your product. It’s what initially attracts customers and persuades them to click on YOUR item from the search results. But consider this…

Are you making FULL use of the 9 images Amazon allows you?

Few sellers truly take advantage of them. Either simply not having 9 images or just using the same ones over and over again.

They’re missing a great opportunity to remind customers how great their product is.

I choose my 9 images carefully as each one does a different job. I’m going to break down the strategy I use for each image.

A few things to note before we get into it: depending on where the product is being viewed, sometimes all 9 images are not visible. For example on the app, only 5 or 6 are typically shown. Also, you need to make sure all your images adhere to Amazon’s requirements.

Image #1 – Hero 

Your million-dollar image. You want a nice, clear picture that really does your product justice – and you want it to stand out.

One way is to do this is to use a non-white background, which actually goes against Amazon’s image requirements for a hero image. But it can really make your product stand out when it’s among a list of samey-looking, white-background images.

Take a look.

See how that second one grabs your attention? 

Image #2 – In use

The second image is super important and shouldn’t be wasted. It should show your product in ‘situ’, being used by its ideal user. 

Like this happy customer.

Image #3 and 4 – Main benefits

The next two images I like to use to express the main benefits or features of the product. This can be just an image or an image with some text. As long as it’s pushing its main benefit.

This image expresses the feature (two-way talk function) along with the benefit (you can listen and talk to your baby smoothly).

Image #5 – Deals and offers

This one might not apply to your product but if you ARE running some kind of deal, buy one get one free, a free gift, a bundle etc – be sure to show it visually so everyone can see it.

Image #6 – Another benefit

Keeping in mind you don’t always get to see all the images past number 5, see the rest as bonus opportunities to really push your product.

So time for another big benefit of your product. I normally take another from my bullet points and demonstrate it visually.

Image #7 – Comparison

With image number 7, my aim is to show the results of using the product or how it’s better than a competitor’s. 

If appropriate, before and after pictures work great.

Image #8 – Address the main problem with a competitor’s product (and how yours is better!)

Even though we’re getting to the limit of how many images you’re allowed, we still don’t want to waste one.

For number 8, I recommend going to your competitor’s reviews and looking up their one-star wonders. Here, you can normally find out the main problem or weak point in the product.

For example, say your selling earphones. Your competitor’s customers complain about poor sound quality, so you add an image professing how awesome the sound quality is from your earphones. 

Image #9 – A testimonial or technical specifications.

Last of all, for image number 9 I like to add some customer testimonials or an image of people happily using the product – to add a nice sprinkle of social proof. 

Or if appropriate, I’ll add some technical specifications or even instructions on how to use the product.

The above are my recommendations and what’s worked for me over the last couple of years. Feel free to experiment and mix and match them a little. The important thing to keep in mind with your 9 images is not to waste them. See each one as yet another way to convince people how great your product is.

Good luck out there!

Hugs xx


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