How To Optimise Your Amazon Business For Voice Search

Voice searches are set to triple over the next five years and it’s already changing the way we shop.

As savvy Amazon sellers, we need to take advantage of this growing trend. So, let’s look at the best ways to do that!

Using your phone’s microphone, or other connected devices like Amazon Echo, to search and order for goods is exploding right now.

Current statistics show that 41% of adults use voice search at least once per day and it’s fast becoming one of the most common ways to buy stuff from Amazon – especially in the US and other technologically advanced countries. 

What is voice search?

It’s simply telling a connected device what you want to buy, it will then choose either one you previously bought or if it’s a first-time buy, then it will select the ‘top choice’ (more on that later.)

As voice recognition technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo have gone from a cute novelty to more essential than your toaster. 

We know voice searching is big. So, how do we get a piece of that pie?

How to optimise your listing for voice search

  1. Be Brand Registered

I know I talk about this a lot, but that’s because it’s so important these days. To the point where you’re at a disadvantage by not having Brand Registry.

Countless benefits aside, when it comes to voice searches, branding is where it’s at.

When voice searchers ask their device for an item, they tend to use the brand name. For example, they might say ‘Order my Australian Gold SPF 50 sunscreen’ rather than simply, ‘Order my SPF50 sunscreen’.

Yet another reason to get your brand established.

  1. It’s all about repeat customers

When you ask your device for an item you’ve previously ordered, it will automatically select the same brand. It trusts you were happy with the purchase and simply want to top-up or get a replacement.

Brand loyalty was never a big deal on Amazon, but voice search is changing that by happily resending your previously bought items. 

This should be a massive incentive for you to get your product in the hands of your customers as much as possible and boost that lifetime value!

  1. Get the Amazon’s Choice badge

When a customer types their search into Amazon, your product usually gets discovered via ads. Ads aren’t possible with voice search, so if it’s a new purchase (not a reorder) the Amazon’s Choice for your search term is then selected. 

Getting your Amazon’s Choice badge should be one of your primary goals anyway and the move toward voice searching just solidifies its importance. 

We’ve talked before about how to get your Amazon’s Choice badge, so be sure to check my other articles. But, in short, you can follow these steps:

  1. Optimise your keywords
  2. Boost your customer rating and reviews
  3. Be Prime-eligible
  4. Price your item competitively

It looks like voice searches aren’t just here to say…. They’re taking over! So, be sure to stay ahead of the curve and get your product optimised for voice searches now.

Thanks for reading guys and gals!

Hugs and kisses xxx


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