Reliable Education vs Aussie Online Entrepreneur

Having done both courses I think I’m in the perfect position to compare Reliable Education & the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs and I’m writing this to give other people who are embarking on their Amazon journey an honest factual comparison of the training courses that are available.

I really believe that getting some training is a great investment and as always each training course has its own pros and cons

So I’m going to do an apples to apples comparison of Adam Hudson’s Reliable Education course and Neil Asher’s Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

There are other courses you can do too such as Sophie Howard and China import formula but based on what I’ve personally seen it’s really down to Reliable Education vs Aussie Online Entrepreneurs.

First some important words, these are my own opinions, at the end of the day you have to make your own decisions. I am not getting paid by either Adam Hudson or Neil Asher to write this. Reliable Education vs Aussie Online Entrepreneur is just based on my own experiences 🙂

Indeed one of the reasons I am writing this is that they both have their own affiliate programs so reading honest reviews that are not biased because the writer wants to get paid is the main reason I’m doing this.

Getting factual info before you buy is tough and if you’re smart you’ll look to reviews so I want this to be completely unbiased and as they say, “just the facts ma’am” 😀

OK let’s get into it, here’s what I will compare

1. The GURU Showdown

2. Initial Marketing

3. Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Price vs Reliable Education Price

4. Upsells once you join

5. Amazon Community

6. Amazon Marketplace focus

7. Reliable Education vs Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Telephone Support

8. Reliable Education vs Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Email support

9. What are the Reliable Education Amazon Coaches like Compared To The vs Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Amazon Coaches?

10. Direct Access to Adam Hudson and Neil Asher

11. Amazon FBA Training Course

13. Where each one can improve

14. Final thoughts

15. Note to Adam Hudson or Neil Asher

The GURU Showdown

Adam Hudson comes across as very slick and well presented, he cops a lot of flack for his shiny white teeth for instance.

And that slick presentation carries over into how he conducts himself, he’s very professional and business like on stage and in his videos.

Neil Asher has a much more down to earth attitude which some people find a little too down to earth as he can tend to swear a bit.

He is much happier than Adam is to embarrass himself and generally act in a lot less corporate way than Adam does.

So if you want a more corporate approach Adam Hudson is your man and if you want a more bloke next door approach then Neil Asher is your man.

It goes without saying that they’re both businessmen first and foremost, both have had multiple businesses before and both have had their fair share of success and failure.

It’s worth saying that both have made some less than stellar choices in their business partners in the past with Adam Hudson being close to the Notorious Henry Kaye of National Investment institute infamy and Neil Asher getting involved with Mark Anastasi from the UK who subsequently went bankrupt owing millions to people.

Adam was also unfortunate to get into business with Peter Sunn at the Better Business Institute which had some difficult times leaving a lot of people very upset over not getting what they paid for.

So if you look online you’ll see some negative stuff about both of them. But on balance everything that’s been written about them was years ago and as far as I’m concerned they’ve both grown up and learned from their mistakes.

So I was happy to give them both the benefit of the doubt and I was not disappointed.

Initial Marketing

The only point I will make here is that if you are easily offended you may find some of Neil’s emails a little offensive. He certainly know how to get his emails to stand out ion your inbox

He’s a few email subject lines that I picked out to give you an idea

“Wanna see her POG face?”

“On Tuesdays she looks at my Nekid body”

“My wife has a secret lover”

“Are you a namby pamby man?”

“Single mum with 4 kids says screw it”

And so on

You’ll see this is a recurring theme as Adam takes a much more professional approach to his emails and marketing in general whereas Neil will either have you rolling on the floor in stitches or cringing calling for the PC police.

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Price vs Reliable Education Price

The Reliable Education Course is $2,497.00 USD or 4 Payments of $749 (Total Cost $2996 USD) which is about ±$3500 Australian dollars.

Call me old fashioned but I want to pay in Australian dollars, Adam is Australian, his company is in Australia so why make me pay in US dollars??

I can only think that it’s because either:

He wants to charge more and expects a few folks not to realize that the price is USD not AUD so he gets an extra thousand dollars or so out of us or

He’s more focused on building his business in America, neither of which sit well with me 🙁

Adam pays his affiliate $1000 per sale and given the amount of people that have promoted the reliable education affiliate program clearly Adam has paid his affiliates a lot of money which probably means Adam makes $1500 USD not $2500 for most of the people that join.

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs is $147 a month

To be frank $147 seemed too cheap to me when I was looking at it. And it wasn’t until I sat down and thought about it that the price made sense.

I originally thought that Neil Asher would lock me into a 12 month contract so he was guaranteed 12 x $147 which would make more sense but their sign up page clearly states you can cancel at any time.

So it looks like Neil must make his money in some other way and we’ll come to the upsells later where both Adam and Neil are very good at selling other services once you join.

I spoke to a lot of people in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs and it seems that they stick with Neil for a while so he’s banking on his customers staying with him to make his money by the looks of things.

Neil does have an affiliate program too and just like Adam he gives 50% of the sale to his affiliates, I’ve seen a few people promoting Neil’s Aussie online entrepreneurs affiliate program but it stands to reason given the choice you’d promote the reliable education course where you make $1000 USD over Neil’s where you only get $38 AUD

I tend to think that’s why there are so many blogs saying join reliable education amazon course along with an affiliate link whereas their are very few for the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs 😀

Both Amazon FBA courses come with a money back guarantee so it’s easy to go check them out and if you don’t like it to simply get your money back.

Upsells once you join

Neil Asher has an immediate upsell once you join his Aussie Online Entrepreneurs for $147 to get a 1 on 1 coaching session with one of his Amazon coaches for $297, this buys you 2 one hour coaching sessions with one of his coaches where you work out what you are going to sell on Amazon.

I didn’t take up this offer but I saw in their Facebook group that a lot of people had and overall the comments were positive so it looks like a good service.

Then basically every other day you get an email from Neil offering you one of his more advanced courses or one on one coaching.

It can get kinda annoying and in the end I unsubscribed from the upsell emails.

I did do his Advanced Amazon SEO course which was $497 and in fairness to Neil it was incredibly in depth and was kinda like doing a PHD in Amazon SEO

I am not sure how useful this would be at the start of someone’s Amazon business building though, although once you were up and making sales I can see how this would be a very useful training program.

For me though I’d prefer less emails.

Adam Hudson is very similar in his marketing strategy in that he constantly tries to sell you more things, from his ZON Guru Amazon software to his platinum program which is $30,000.

I heard good things about his software with lots of people saying it was helpful, I went with jungle scout which is cheaper and does the same thing but it’s down to personal preference. (at the time of writing Neil does not have any software he owns and he recommends Jungle scout and Merchant words)

nb for a breakdown of the amazon software i use see here

The reliable education platinum program is $30,000 and is basically 1 year of hand holding to build your business, I’m sure if you can afford it it would be great, for me though it was too much money. It was sold very aggressively at the conference I went to and I saw quite a few people take up the offer.

Having spoken to people in my mastermind I have heard very mixed reviews but I think that’s the same for everything, Neil offers something very similar to the platinum program that he calls his Diamond program for $7997 for the year and again I have heard mixed reviews, with some people raving about it others saying it was not worth the money.

I think in all likelihood it will depend on who you end up getting as your coach/mentor for both and how well you gel with them and they inspire you to do the work.

Amazon Community

Both the Reliable Education Amazon course and the Aussie online entrepreneurs Amazon course have very active members only Facebook groups.

I found both to be a brilliant way to meet new people and to get instant help.

Adam’s employees do most of the support in the Facebook group and I’ll talk more about that later and in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Facebook group you get a lot of Neil answering your questions as well as other members being very helpful in both.

Adam encourages you to join a local mastermind where you can meet other reliable education members and share your journey and I really enjoyed this, as long as the other members stay positive it’s really a great way to meet like minded people.

Neils Aussie Online Entrepreneurs members have taken it upon themselves to organize and host meetups around Australia once a month that you can go to and they’re a lot more low key and grassroots events where you’re more likely to share a beer with someone new and get to build that friendship than with the mastermind.

Again this will come down to personal preference though, I found their was more accountability in the masterminds and more fun in the meetups. So I guess it depends on you and what you want and no doubt the group of people will make a big difference too. 

Amazon Marketplace focus

I’ll start with Neil Asher and the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs first, Neil is very open about his own Amazon business and the new markets (countries) he sells in, including what’s working and what is not working. I found this very refreshing as it’s nice to know that even the boss gets it wrong every now and again and I learned more probably from the things that went wrong than I did from those things that went right.

Neil is big on not investing heaps of money upfront, he comes across as more conservative than Adam, so for him investing $1000 in stock is about right to begin with.

He definitely favors the Australian market and makes a very compelling case to launch your Amazon business here in Australian rather than in the USA which he believes is too competitive now for beginners.

His training covers all the English speaking markets and from memory Neil sells on 9 Amazon markets including places like India and Japan.

 Adam takes a different approach and his initial investment in stock tends to be around $3000 – $5000 and he favors the USA market, his philosophy being that it’s the biggest market and offers the best chance of success because of it.

I can see pluses and minuses to both arguments and for me it all comes down to budget, if you have $10,000 or more than I agree with Adam that Amazon USA is the place to be and if you have less than Neil’s right and Australia is the perfect place to start.

Reliable Education vs Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Telephone Support

This one is easy, there is pretty much zero telephone support with either 🙂

Reliable Education vs Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Email support

Both offer email support so if you don’t want to post your question in the Facebook group you can email and Neil responds personally to emails and Adam’s team respond to emails with him.

What are the Reliable Education Amazon Coaches like Compared To The vs Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Amazon Coaches?

Both Neil Asher and Adam Hudson offer one on one coaching and mentoring to help you build your Amazon business.

As far as I can tell both sets of coaches are good, all the coaches in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs have built their own successful Amazon businesses, with some coaches making $60K a month on Amazon.

1 on 1 coaching is $247 per hour with the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs or if you get a product discovery session it’s $297 for 2 sessions but those sessions are focused only on helping you get a product to sell.

Adams coaching has only just started and I have not experienced it at all, I know that they offer coaching with their $30,000 platinum package but that’s about all I know, based on what I’ve seen of his other material though I’m sure it will be high quality.

Direct Access to Adam Hudson and Neil Asher

Depending on who you are you’ll either like the idea of being able to personally speak to the boss or it won’t matter to you.

I’ll start with Adam Hudson and Reliable education for this one.

Adam has built a very successful Amazon training company, I believe he has trained 7000-8000 people all over the world and so he is primarily focused on running and growing his business.

I can imagine it’s a big job and so I had no expectations about being able to speak to him directly. The employees he has do a great job of answering questions in his Facebook group and also via email. And I personally felt it wasn’t a disadvantage not to be able to speak with Adam.

Neil Asher and the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs is not as successful a training company as reliable education, I think Neil mentioned that he’s trained about 3000 people through Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, so it stands to reason that he’s going to be more available than Adam.

And that’s definitely the case, Neil is pretty much always available to answer questions personally for you and although he prefers to answer them in the members only Facebook group rather than by email it’s fair to say that you get a lot more access to him than you do Adam.

Neil also does a weekly free Q&A session for his members where they ask him all sorts of weird and wonderful Amazon questions and I found these very good to keep my own motivation going as well as a great way to stay up to date with the latest developments on Amazon.

Neil is much more willing to share details about his own Amazon business frequently using his own business to demo ideas and to show things that did and didn’t work.

I did not see any of Adam’s Amazon business at all, which I think is a shame as it’s great to see how the guru does things as there’s always a lot you can learn from that.

I do however understand why Adam didn’t show us any of his own products he was worried that we’d simply copy them. And I know a few people have copied Neils ideas so I’m not sure how Neil feels about that.

Neil also records all his Monday question and answer sessions and puts up on his youtube channel for free which is great if you want some free info and terrible if you paid for it as part of your aussie online entrepreneurs membership.

I get though that Neil likes to teach and you get the impression he can’t help himself from sharing what he knows.

Amazon FBA Training Course

The video product value of the reliable education course is second to none. Adam Hudson has done a great job and has clearly invested a lot of money into making sure his videos are very slick.

The training can all be accessed through the reliable education website, and at the time of writing there is a brand new update of the training promised which comes for free with nothing to pay.

I understand that there were a few problems initially with some of the training going out of date as Amazon made some big changes however the training I did I felt was up to date and I think that was when the training was only available as DVD’s instead of being online like it is now.

As I say though Adam’s course is top class and looks very professional.

The Aussie Online Entrepreneurs training program is very similar in content to Adam’s course but it’s clear that Neil has saved money by doing all the videos himself rather than with a film crew like Adam.

That’s not to take anything away from the material because as far as I can tell it’s 99% the same between the 2 with some difference regarding what software to use, Adam uses his own software and Neil uses jungle scout and merchant words.

The videos are done in a much more laid back approach though and you’ll either like that or you’ll prefer Adam’s slicker approach.

As far as the content though, other than how things are laid out and the order their shown in they’re pretty much the same. So it kinda comes down to cosmetics at the end of the day.

Where each one can improve

Adam has a brilliant mind map that I found particularly useful as my brain works well with mind maps, it would be great to see that in Neil’s course too.

Neil does his Monday night Q&A sessions that I found really great to stay up to date with what’s happening on Amazon and these are not only informative but also motivating and I’d love to see Adam offer this too.

Final thoughts

Thanks for reading this far!

I’ve had a blast writing my Reliable Education vs Aussie Online Entrepreneur post and it’s been great to go back over my notes from each course.

Starting a business, any business, is tough. Heaps of things go wrong and it will probably frustrate the heck out of you at times.

But I genuinely believe it’s worth getting some help and training as you’ll get a fast track and insider info that free youtube videos can never give you.

I have no idea who’s Amazon FBA training course you should do, Adam Hudson and Reliable Education Or Neil Asher and the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs.

I suspect both will get you to where you want to go, albeit in different ways.

So I’ll say this, go with your gut, if you’re more drawn to that corporate look that Adam has then go with Adam if you’re more drawn to the down to earth style Neil has then go with Neil.

Whatever you choose to do I wish you every success, and be sure to look out for me around the Amazon circuit as I continue to build my own Amazon business!

If you have any comments or questions feel free to post below and I’ll do my best to help you 🙂

Note to Adam Hudson or Neil Asher

Hi guys, these are my own personal views of both your courses, I truly believe you’ve both done a great job and each of your courses give your students everything they need to succeed on Amazon.

So writing this comparing Reliable Education vs Aussie Online Entrepreneur was actually a lot tougher than I thought it would be, you each have some wonderful things you do for people.

Neil your Aussie Online Entrepreneurs course is down to earth, packed with really great info and you’ve created an amazingly supportive community of Australians that are very willing to help you, I would say for anyone with less than $10,000 to invest in their Amazon Australia business it’s very hard to beat.

Adam your Reliable education training course is first rate, with great information to help people start their own Amazon business and your conference was great fun too. I believe your training program suits people with over $10,000 to invest in their Amazon FBA business and I think the extra investment you’ve made to make your videos look slick shows.

I am very aware that things change and so if I have left something out or you believe anything is factually inaccurate then just get in touch and I’ll amend if I’ve gotten any of the facts wrong.

Thanks to both of you for putting together such great courses.