When’s The Best Day For Amazon PPC Sales? (Spoiler: It’s NOT The Weekend)

When managing your Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, it’s useful to know when your customers are browsing and clicking your ads.

So, today we’re going to tackle another big question and find out the best day of the week for sales from PPC.

And no, it’s not Saturday or Sunday 😉

Before we get to the crux of the matter, let’s clear up what an Amazon PPC ad is.

When you search on Amazon, some products appear right at the top of your search with Sponsored in small type near the title. This seller has bid to be in this position and they only pay for the ad once you click on it. Hence, Pay-Per-Click.

Now, when do customers typically click on these ads and buy the product?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the weekend would see the best results for PPC ads – after all, they’re the traditional shopping days.

With Amazon PPC, for most products, Saturday and Sunday are not the best days for making sales. 

Take a look at this graph based on data from a wide selection of products:

Sunday scores the highest for impressions (traffic) but has below-average conversion rates. Even though more people are looking at your product, relatively few are going on to buy it – they’re window shopping.

So, in terms of expected campaign efficiency, Sunday is the worst day.

Saturday has low traffic AND low conversion rates suggesting that generally, folks aren’t shopping much on Amazon at the weekend.

And the best day for Amazon PPC sales is *drum roll*… Monday!

Maybe people are trying to cheer themselves with a little retail therapy, or they’re just bored at work – the highest weekly traffic and conversion rate make Monday the best day overall.

Tuesday is the next best day with above average traffic and conversion rate closely followed by Wednesday.

The average traffic starts to drop by Thursday and Friday, but you can see that ads on these days are still converting. This suggests that the relatively few people searching on these days tend to be much more active buyers compared with weekend window-shoppers.

The data suggests that most people like to use their free time on the weekend to research products. But when it comes to pulling the trigger, they do that during the week.

How to use this information

Amazon PPC gives you the chance to take advantage of data like this to save yourself money and make more sales.

By knowing when your customers are likely to buy (Monday through Friday), it’d be a good idea to increase your bids and frequency of ads for these days. You’ll be getting a better return-per-click so can be willing to pay more.

Similarly, if you know your customers don’t dip into their wallets on Sunday and Saturday, then you can reduce the bids for these days so that you’re not spending as much – thus, protecting your rate of return.

So, there you go, guys and girls. Finally, a reason to LOVE Mondays!

Hugs and kisses!

Stacey xxx

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