5 Life Lessons Learnt From Escaping My Job – READ Before You Quit!

The day you hand in your notice is one every employee dreams of from time to time.

But, are you ready to tell your boss to ‘shove it’?

Check out the 5 lessons I’ve learnt from escaping my 9-5 and becoming my own boss!

It’s not a decision to be made lightly, but quitting your job to be an entrepreneur can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.

Before you rage quit, I want to tell you about the 5 things I’ve learnt from swapping my 9-5 office job to running my Amazon business full-time.

Lesson #1 Model someone who’s done what you want to do

When I started to think seriously about this whole quitting-my-job-to-be-an-entrepreneur thing, I actively sought others who were once in my shoes and are now killing it in business.

Model is just a fancy name for ‘copy’. Find a mentor, read blogs (like this one!), books (especially autobiographies), follow your heroes on social media, etc., find out exactly how they became so successful and copy them!

Lesson #2 Focus on ONE thing

The most successful people are laser-focused on their business and want they want to achieve. 

These days, it’s so easy to be lured by the latest get-rich-quick scheme or to get FOMO when you hear about someone making money from this and that.

You only have so much time, so make sure you’re spending it growing and getting better in your chosen area.

As the comedian Steve Martin once said, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” You’ll never get good by hopping from one thing to another as you fancy.

Lesson #3 Build success habits

Having goals is all well and good, but it’s the little things you do each day that truly determine your success.

For example, if you want to wake up at 6am, eat healthier, exercise, meditate or read more, you need to build these habits.

You can start right now, but the key is to do it every day until it becomes automatic. Then you can start building another success habit.

Lesson #4 Listen to others but think for yourself

Advice from successful people is valuable, but ultimately, it’s your business and your life.

It’s easy to get swayed by people further ahead than you, but you need to be critical of every bit of information that comes your way – everything you hear won’t fit with your beliefs and personal philosophies. 

Be aware of others pushing their personal agendas on you. After all, you’re doing this because you don’t want a boss, right?

Lesson #5 Don’t compare yourself to others

Constantly comparing yourself to others will only end in tears.

It’s so easy to look at others on social media who’re further ahead than you and think, “What’s the point? I’ll never be as good as them.”

So what?

You don’t know whether they’re happy, what’s happening behind the scenes, or whether they’re even telling the truth! 

My advice? Figure out what YOU want from life and pursue it relentlessly. Don’t waste your time wondering what others are doing.

There’s no denying it. Quitting your job and becoming a full-time entrepreneur is scary as hell – and incredibly liberating. 

I hope my 5 lessons will help you make this life-changing decision. There’s only one thing left for me to say… GOOD LUCK!!

Hugs and kisses!

Stacey xxxx

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