5 Things Succesful Amazon Sellers Wished They Did When They Were Starting Out

If you’re thinking about starting to sell on Amazon or you’ve just begun an Amazon business, then this article is for you.

I’ve asked 5 fellow Amazon sellers, whose businesses are currently booming, what’s the one thing they wished they did differently when they were just starting out.

This could be the most useful thing you read all year!

Having a mentor when you’re starting a new venture is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business. But, let’s be real. Not everyone has a network of people they can call upon for advice when they need it.

That’s why when people who’ve been at the starting block, overcome the obstacles and have become successful talk, we should listen.

Now you can learn from the mistakes present-day Amazon experts made when they were in your shoes – and what they would’ve done differently knowing what they know now.

  1. “ I wish I didn’t overanalyse and launched my product as soon as possible. Launch first, improve later.
  • Jeffrey, New Zealand.

Analysis paralysis is a real thing and can stop you taking any kind of action. Instead, Jeffrey thinks it’s best to jump in, make mistakes and grow from them.

“When you start selling your first product, you learn so much about how the Amazon business model works. You learn more than you would from any course.”

  1. “Test first and don’t buy big quantities.”
  • Kevin, Australia.

Once you’ve found a product you think will sell, test it by ordering just a few units. 

A common newbie mistake is blowing loads of money on a huge initial order of stock only for it not to sell.

Even if you’ve done the research and you’re confident your audience will love the product, minimise your risk and order a modest amount at first.

  1. “I would’ve done a product discovery session to help figure out what to sell.”
  • Pip, Australia.

If you’ve spent days, weeks, even months, trying to decide on a product to sell, maybe you need help.

Get together with friends, family or other online sellers, and schedule an hour or two to brainstorm ideas. You might come across a gem of a product idea that you would have never come with by yourself.

  1. “I wish I’d have prepared for expansion earlier.”
  • Sandra, Australia.

Sandra believes it’s never too early to prepare for the growth of your little enterprise. See what aspects of your business you can set up to be outsourced or automated further down the line.

  1. “Get some coaching.”
  • Maddie, Australia.

Getting help from experts in their field is invaluable to success. You can only do so much by yourself, and an experienced, third-party perspective could make all the difference to your business.

Sure, it costs money but good coaching pays for itself. You should see coaching as investing in your business and yourself. Instead of fumbling around, you could be getting solid advice by someone who’s been where you are and has reached the top.

If you’re serious about succeeding in an online business, you should consider coaching.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing and we’re fortunate to have successful people willing to share their advice and regrets so we can learn from them.

Whether you’re just starting out or have hit a roadblock in your Amazon business, I hope you’ve taken something from these 5 gurus and use it to reach your selling goals.

Thanks for reading guys and gals. Lots of love!

Stacey xxxx

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