Avoid! 24 Surprising Words That Will Get You Suspended On Amazon

Did you know that using certain words in your listing can get you suspended from Amazon?

It’s true. Some words seem harmless but may still be responsible for your listing being taken down. So, let’s look at a few common culprits to avoid so you can stay in Amazon’s good books!

You’ve been selling your product on Amazon for months and it’s getting hot! Then, without warning, you notice your listing has been taken down.

Frustrating is not the word.

It could be because you’ve used a restricted word somewhere in your listing and it’s only just been noticed by Amazon’s bots on a random sweep.

Amazon won’t help you a whole lot with this – they don’t provide an official list of restrictive words. The closest thing you have is Amazon’s list of restricted products which might give you an idea of what they want you to avoid, but, some words like ‘all-natural’ are less obvious and can still get you suspended.

Why does Amazon ban certain words?

Some keywords may indicate a dangerous or controversial product and in a bid to protect customers and avoid negative publicity, they will immediately remove any listing that contains such words.

Amazon aren’t always consistent

I can’t say that using any of the words listed below will definitely get you banned – I’ve used several of these words in the same listing to zero backlash.

But, if you’re a new seller with little sales history then you’re more likely to get called out for using a restrictive word. Also, Amazon seems tougher on sellers based in the US as opposed to Australia.

To be on the safe side, I recommend avoiding using these 24 words anywhere in your listing for a hassle-free life!




Green (when used in an environmental context)


Recommended by








Weight Loss











This is by no means an exclusive list – they’re just common culprits that I think you should be aware of. You can expect Amazon to continue to evolve this list over time. 

What should I do if my listing gets removed because of a restricted word?

As soon as you notice your listing has gone, follow up with Amazon. A bot may have flagged a restricted word in your listing but a human eye may forgive it – depending on the context. 

If in doubt, then it’s best to get rid of the word. Unfortunately, Amazon won’t tell you which words are causing the problem, so you may have to do a bit of trial and error until your listing gets approved once again.

And if you want to express an important feature of your item without using a flagged word, synonyms are your best friend!

I hope this helps keep your listings healthy so they continue making you money. Thanks for reading guys and gals!

Hugs and kisses

Stacey xxx

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