HACK: How to Know The True Competitiveness Of A Niche On Amazon

How To Find Out The True Competitiveness Of A Niche On Amazon (Without Tools)

Finding low competition products to sell is key to success with Amazon – especially if you’re a newbie. But, looking for this kind of information isn’t always easy – or clear – without using dedicated tools.

Today, I’m going to give you a couple of search tips to help you determine the TRUE competitiveness of a niche or product!

You’d think that simply searching for your keyword and noting the number of results would be the obvious and easiest way to check the competitiveness, right?

Yes, but no.

You see, Mr Bezos has added a feature that effectively hides the real search results of a product. So, on first glance, you might get all excited when you see a low number of results, thinking you’ve found a hot, super-low competition niche only for there to be much more results – hidden.

It’s believed that this is done to not overwhelm the customer – 1000’s upon 1000’s of results can paralyse the customer’s decision-making.

Let me show you an example and a quick hack to see the true numbers.

Here you can see I’ve searched for “rose gold pen” and I’ve got just 482 results. If I didn’t know any better, I’d be jumping for joy believing I’ve found a product with low competition.

But, if you click to see more pages, you’ll get a more accurate results’ figure…

After clicking on page 3, it now says over 1,000 results – closer to the truth. So we can see that the initial 482 wasn’t a good indicator of the keyword’s competitiveness, rather it was a figure invented to prevent the customer from being put off.

Now, you know not to invest too heavily in those first-page search results. 

Speaking of tips, here’s another little search trick that you can do with Google to find accurate results on Amazon for an exact search term.  

On Google, simply type site:amazon.com “SEARCH TERM”

This method gives us 2,110 results. So, we know that the true figure for products on Amazon that are indexed for the exact phrase “rose gold pen” is over 2,000.

Finding the real figures for an Amazon product’s competitiveness can be tricky and you shouldn’t take any figure as face value. 

But, by using both of the above methods, you’ll get a much better idea of just how competitive a niche is without using tools.

I hope this helps you guys and girls!

Virtual hugs and kisses!!

Stacey xxx

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