How to Get an Amazon’s Choice Badge for Your Products

You’ve seen that beautiful, dark blue badge stand out among product search results and you know that it can mean only one thing: Lots of sales.

So, naturally, you want one for your product. And good news for you, I’m going to show you exactly how!

Before we find out HOW to get one of these bad boys, let’s look at WHAT an Amazon’s Choice Badge is.

What is the Amazon’s Choice Badge?

The blue badge first appeared on listings back in 2015 as a way to categorise products recommended by smart speakers such as Echo.

If you were to ask your smart speaker for an air mattress, for example, it’s not going to list all 100+ results, instead, it will suggest one highly-rated, well-priced air mattress that’s available for immediate shipping.

That is Amazon’s Choice for the search term ‘air mattress’

The items recommended by Amazon are solely those it trusts to provide the customer with a quality product with top-notch service and fast shipping to go with it.

Amazon’s Choice vs Best Seller Badge

Contrary to popular belief, these are not the same thing. 

A best seller badge is simply given to products that sell the most units, whereas Amazon’s Choice is decided via an algorithm to provide the absolute best match for a particular keyword – based on overall customer satisfaction.

Being ‘best-selling’ says nothing about the quality of the product or the seller, it’s merely based on sales numbers. The Amazon’s Choice is a recommendation from Amazon itself, so you can bet that the product has the best feedback of all others with the same search term.

What’s clear, is that both badges make your product stand out like a sore thumb for more clicks and more sales.

Ok, I want one. How do I get an Amazon’s Choice Badge?

Firstly, you need to be an FBA seller. Amazon only considers products that are ready to be shipped quickly and for free to be Amazon’s Choice.

Next, you need to have lots and lots of excellent reviews. Whereas the Best Seller badge is issued to products that have the most sales, the Amazon’s Choice is given to the item with the most favourable rating.

So to summarise, how do you get the sexy blue badge? Simply work your butt off to get more 5-star reviews* than its current holder – show Amazon that everyone who buys your product LOVES it.

*Check out my other articles on strategies to get more reviews.

Also, note that Amazon works on a 7-day rolling schedule, so if you start getting poor reviews, you can kiss goodbye to that blue badge.

I hope I’ve whetted your appetite to go out there and claim your Amazon’s Choice Badge – it’s all yours!

Thanks for reading guys and gals.

Hugs and kisses!

Stacey xxx

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