How To Get Unique Product Ideas To Sell On Amazon

Possibly the most important element of a successful Amazon business is sourcing unique products that people want to buy. But what makes a product unique and how do you find them?

Amazon is saturated with products, so to sell the exact same thing as more established competitors would be a silly move. I’m not saying you have to be Edison and start inventing things – your product can be similar to thousands of others BUT it needs to look different, be a different size, have a feature the others don’t have… etc.

How do I find unique product ideas?

Remember, we’re not inventing new products here. Our job is to look at products currently selling well and see what we can do to improve them or make them appeal to different customers. And there are some pretty simple ways to do this…

  1. Read product reviews

This is fantastically-free market research. When you see an existing product you like the look of, check out the reviews. Look for reviews with 2,3 or 4 stars (5-star and 1-star reviews don’t tend to offer much insight) and identify things the product is lacking in the eyes of that customer – the reasons they didn’t give it 5 stars. Maybe the product is too big, it’s quality is poor or it’s missing a key feature important to that buyer.

  1. Check out Amazon in other countries

I’ve found great product ideas by searching on other countries’ Amazons. A great place to start is with the best-sellers in a category of your choice. It’s really easy to do and you could find something amazing that’s not sold on your home Amazon. Yet.

  1. Use Amazon’s search suggestions

Start typing a product or niche you may be interested in, and check out the suggestions that come up. You’ll often see something you’d never have thought of; a variety, feature, size etc.

And don’t stop there. Rather than searching in ‘All’, try searching in specific categories and you’ll get new suggestions. Make a note of all the interesting ones.

  1. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get it made yourself

Think of times when you were looking for a product to buy and you couldn’t find exactly what you were looking for. Chances are, there are others out there searching for the same thing and being frustrated it doesn’t exist or isn’t readily available. 

A simple step to do this is to contact manufacturers on Alibaba who make similar products and find out it if they can make your variation too.

I can’t stress the importance of sourcing and selling niche products enough, it really is the best way to find consistent success as an Amazon seller. After a while, and a few hits and misses,  you’ll develop a ‘feel’ for these things and start seeing unique product ideas where you least expect it.

There are other great ways to discover unique product ideas, but these 4 are simple and you can go ahead and try them out now.

I hope I’ve helped someone out there, and if you have any questions about Amazon FBA, please check out my other articles. You just might find the answers.

Catch you later!


Stacey xx

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