How To Pwn Your Amazon Product Page’s Marketing

Your Amazon listing is likely filled with sponsored ads for other sellers’ products – who are lowkey trying to steal your sale.

I’ve devised a super-simple strategy to not only stop them doing this, but to boost your sales too!

You’ve no doubt noticed that your Amazon product page is filled with the marketing efforts of other brands – sponsored listings, frequently purchased together, related products, brand advertising etc.

Yes, although some might be complementary products, others are just competing brands trying to take your sale from you. And that’s okay- it’s something we should be doing on our competitors’ pages too!

So, how can we use this type of marketing to, 1, Keep the customer on our page to protect our sale and 2, Sell more to our customers?

I’ll show you how you can feature more of your products on the page and really dominate your product page’s marketing!

Firstly, why should you try and cover your product page with ads of your own items?

  • To push competition off your listings
  • To boost awareness of your brand
  • If you’re selling consumables, to expose repeat customers to your other products
  • To convert someone who’s on the fence about buying from you
  • To upsell your other items
  • To improve the overall look of the page – If you own all the advertising ‘real estate’, it simply makes the page look cleaner.

So, how do we do it?

Assuming you’ve set up Amazon PPC ads and Amazon Product Placement ads before – it’s super simple. In a nutshell, all I do is set up an ad campaign to target my own products.

My strategy has been to focus first on Sponsored products and then on Sponsored brands; I’ve tried it with Sponsored display and the results haven’t been great, so I’d recommend sticking to the previous two.

For Sponsored products, set it up to go after your own ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and for Sponsored brands, set it up for your own brand.

This method is so simple, yet effective. You’ll be left with a cleaner product page with less competition – and you’ll see a nice little boost in sales.

Try it for yourself!

Virtual hugs and kisses!

Stacey xx

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