How to Thrive on Amazon During Corona Crisis

How To Make Your Amazon FBA Business Thrive During The Coronavirus Crisis

These past few months have been a challenging time for the whole world. But as with any hugely disruptive event, there’s opportunity to be had – for you and your Amazon business.

First of all, I recognise that the Coronavirus pandemic is a serious issue and has shortened the lives of thousands around the world. Not only that, the economic downturn means millions of people will lose their jobs and businesses – if they haven’t already. 

Through it all, we’ve seen and heard tales of bravery and courage that only a disaster of this scale can produce. And we’ll never be able to show enough gratitude to all the healthcare workers out there doing an amazing job.

Now, let’s talk about your amazon business. Are you using this extra time to your advantage? Are you taking the opportunity to make your Amazon FBA business thrive during this crisis?

Well, I’m going to share with you 3 things that you could do to improve your Amazon business.

  1. Optimize your listings

We all have a little extra time on our hands right now. At the time of writing, gyms, cafes, pubs and restaurants are still closed, so instead of binge-watching that new Netflix series, spend a little time reviewing your listings.

I did this the other day and discovered one of my poor-performing listings still had ‘2019’ in the title and product description. No wonder it wasn’t selling! 

So spend some time reviewing your listings and ads. Spotting things like the above example can make a world of difference to your sales.

  1. Build up your social media

Depending on your niche, social media can be a great (and cheap!) way to boost traffic to your listing without relying on Amazon’s platform.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, you can spend your extra time gaining new followers, interacting with your audience and creating and sharing great content.

  1. Build your email list

Email is not going away, in fact, according to marketing experts, it’s performing better than ever.

When your target market receives useful and engaging emails from you, you become an authority within your niche. This trust helps give you a receptive audience for when you want to promote new products or deals.

There are several effective ways to get email addresses from your target market, including giving away content (such as an ebook) and running promotions (15% off your first purchase.)

Email lists are a powerful and underused tool in Amazon FBA. I feel another article coming on…

That’s three things that I’ve been doing during lockdown – even with two crazy kids running around!

What have you been doing to improve your Amazon business these last few months?

Virtual hugs!

Stacey xx

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