My TOP 3 Alternatives To Alibaba To Source Products

Alibaba is a MEGA-popular choice for sourcing products to fill your Amazon store, and it’s the first one I, and most Amazon sellers, use. But there are others you should consider.


Well for one, because Alibaba is SO popular it means you’ll likely be sourcing the same products as your competitors. Another reason to think about finding products elsewhere is that many suppliers avoid Alibaba. So by sticking with ole faithful, you could be missing out on some quality and unique products your customers would love!

So here we go! My 3 top alternatives to Alibaba.

  1. Global Sources

When I’ve found a product that’s working well for me, I always go to Global Sources and order larger quantities. In my experience, it works out cheaper than Alibaba. Plus, it’s where the bigger – and higher-quality – suppliers are. 

Yes, overall, people find the quality of suppliers and products much higher on Global Sources. But in turn, they want to know more about your business and background – to see if you’re also a good fit for them

Additionally, I, and sellers I’ve spoken to, find Global Sources a lot more user-friendly, more specifically, Western-friendly than Alibaba. 

Top Tip – Get on the mailing list for the category you’re selling in and every month they’ll send you a cool newsletter with brand-new products in that category.

  1. AliExpress

Although AliExpress is owned by Alibaba and you’ll find the same products, AliExpress has lower minimum order quantities (MOQs) So it’s great when you want to try a product out before ordering a bunch of them.

As you’d guess, along with lower MOQs, the prices are generally higher (at least 25% more) than Alibaba and you have to be careful with defective and counterfeit products.

Top Tip – If you find the same product you want to source on AliExpress, you can be a bit cheeky and contact the supplier on Alibaba to request them to lower their MOQs. It sometimes works and saves you a bit of money.

  1. Gift Fairs or Trade Shows

Gift fairs are great if you don’t have a specific product or category in mind and are happy to wander around chatting to suppliers and identifying new trends. I’ve built some lovely relationships with suppliers by talking to them face-to-face, something you don’t get with Alibaba et al.

I really enjoy The Reed Gift Fair in Sydney. It’s over 5 days and attracts over 750 brands selling everything from home products to tech. I’ve found some great suppliers here as well as discovering cool new product ideas.

Top Tip – These events are HUGE and It’s very easy to lose hours walking around aimlessly. Try to do a little research before you go to make the trip more focused.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”  Broaden your horizons and try one of these alternatives to Alibaba next time you’re sourcing your latest hot product.

Until next time guys and girls…

Stacey xx

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