The Easiest Way To Find Great Product Ideas To Sell On Amazon

Finding a hot product that’s going to sell like hotcakes is 87% of the battle (I just made up that percentage, but it’s really important, alright?)

There are several great methods to find ideas for your next golden ticket – I’ve talked about a few already on this blog – but this one is a favourite of mine because it’s super easy.

In a nutshell, it involves going to other countries’ Amazons, checking what’s selling well there to give you ideas of products you could sell in your home country. It works because chances are, what’s a huge hit in will also be big in Australia. 

Let me show you how…

Step #1 – Go to another country’s Amazon

I like to look at Amazon UK, USA and Amazon Germany (relax, there’s no need to learn German, you can change the language). 

Step #2 – Check the Best Sellers in your chosen category

Click on ‘Best Sellers’ and choose your category. I’m really into pet supplies at the moment so I’ll use that as an example. Ignoring pet food – which is a messy idea in more ways than one – I find an interesting product… 

Toothpaste for dogs and cats.

The first thought I had when I saw this was… how in the world do you get a cat to let you brush its teeth? My cat would have none of it! Anyway, it’s #39 Best Seller in Pet Supplies in the UK so it’s apparent that a LOT of people take an interest in their pet’s oral hygiene.

Pet toothpaste is already fairly specific, but we can still niche it down even more.

Step #3 – Narrow down the keyword

Let’s stick with pet toothpaste. Think about what toothpaste you use for your human teeth. Do you use organic, whitening, aloe vera etc.? It makes sense that pet owners will want to use the same kind of toothpaste for their furry friend.

You now have some great ideas for products to test further; whitening, organic, flavoured… pet toothpaste. 

Step #4 – Go back home

It’s time to head back to Amazon Australia (or wherever you call home), and plug some of your new ideas into the search bar and check out the results. 

For ‘organic pet toothpaste’, I’m greeted with just 20 results. This being the top one:

Because there’s such low competition, this could be an excellent opportunity.

This method is a great way to find product ideas you’d NEVER normally think of, (organic pet toothpaste, anyone?) So be sure to try it out and see what you come up with.

If you’d like to learn more, check out my other articles.

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