Trademarks For Amazon Entrepreneurs: A Short Guide

Trademarks and branding can be difficult topics for Amazon entrepreneurs. That’s why I’m hoping to answer all of your questions with this useful guide!

Although you don’t need a trademark to sell on Amazon, it’s totally worth it. Having one gives you a host of benefits like protection and the opportunity to be Brand Registered. 

Many Amazon sellers find trademarks and branding confusing, but it needn’t be!

What is a trademark?

A trademark is anything that allows you to identify and distinguish your goods and services from another in the same marketplace. It’s most commonly a name or a logo (although it can be a sound or smell!)

A trademark is different from your registered business name in that it gives you a legal right to stop someone else from using the word or logo – but it must function as a trademark. 

To be able to fight off infringers, the trademark has to feature on your Amazon store and products. In Australia, you have a grace period of 3 years to show that your registered trademark is being used as it should.

How do I get a trademark?

Here in Australia, you register your trademark with IP Australia for specific goods and services – as set out in the Trademarks Act of 1995.

This stops anyone from having a trademark on ‘everything’ as you have to select the particular products you want a trademark for. This keeps others from using your name or logo within your niche.

For example, if I registered the trademark ‘Happy Club’ within children’s toys, I could stop someone else from selling kid’s toys with the same name. But if they were to sell skincare products under the name Happy Club, I’d have a hard time stopping them.

How long does a trademark last?

Your trademark is valid for 10 years after the filing date and can be renewed indefinitely. 

As I touched on before, in Australia you have a 3-year grace period to use your trademark before it’s removed.

Why should I get a trademark for my Amazon business?

One reason is that it prevents someone from using your name or logo on their products and stealing your loyal customers. By having a registered trademark, you’re covered by specific legislation that exists to protect your business.

But for you and I, and other Amazon sellers, the main benefit of registering a trademark is to be Brand Registered.

Lately, it’s getting harder and harder to simply list your products without being Brand Registered. As well as giving your store credibility and a boost in sales, Brand Registry gives you much more control over your listings; access to reporting and search tools; more ad options; and protects your listings from other sellers. 

It’s a no brainer!

There’s much more to trademarks than this. But I hope I’ve given you a clearer idea of what they’re all about and why you should consider getting one.

Thanks for reading!

Virtual hugs and kisses, 

Stacey xxx

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