What Advertising Works Best For Amazon In 2020

So you’ve got a great product you know people are going to LOVE and buy heaps of. But how do you get it in front of them?

Advertising is a complex subject, but if we strip it down to its basics it’s putting your product in front of people who are looking for, and ready to buy, your product.

What are the best ways to do that? Let’s find out!

Search marketing, e.g., pay-per-click (PPC)

This is simply when you advertise a product to people who are searching for that product. It’s the best way to start advertising because it’s the easiest to understand and get right.

Say I’m searching for vitamin C serum on Amazon.

These ‘sponsored’ listings look like regular listings but they’re actually PPC ads. This means that these ads have not cost the sellers any money at all, they only pay once somebody clicks on the item. This works really well because anybody who’s searching and clicking on a listing should be in a prime state for buying. 

Google PPC works in a similar way on Google’s search engine. When you search for a product on Google, the first things you see are sponsored products or PPC ads.

Search marketing is top-tier advertising because people are already looking for your product and they’re ready to buy – you’re just putting in front of them. 

Interruption marketing, e.g., Facebook ads.

You must have seen this type of ad when you’ve been casually scrolling Facebook – they look like a normal post but with the word ‘sponsored’ written near the top.

You see this type of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest et al. It’s called interruption marketing because it does just that – you’re on the site or using the app for reasons other than buying something and the ad stops you in your tracks to remind you of a product you might be interested in. 

It works the same way as when you like a few cat videos, it shows you more cat videos! I do like cat videos…

These kinds of ads are targeted and if you click on the top corner and ‘Why am I seeing this ad?’, it will show you why they put that particular ad in front of you. This could be based on your age, location or the websites you’ve visited recently. 

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Whenever we talk about getting your product in front of the right people, we can’t ignore the importance of SEO.  This is all about using the right keywords so that people searching for your item will find it. 

It’s too big a topic to cover here but take a look at other articles and videos related to this.

You probably won’t get it right first time

A lot of people new to advertising their Amazon products are quick to write off their ad campaign because it doesn’t bring immediate results. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way – I am yet to set up an ad and have it work perfectly, first time. Ads require continual tweaking to get the best results.

As for the best, I really like Amazon PPC ads. They’re simple to use and you don’t pay anything until someone clicks on your ad.

I hope that’s cleared up some questions you may have had about advertising. If you have anything else you’d like to learn more about, check out my other articles!


Stacey xx

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